Let’s Talk Pizza

Homemade Pizza dough, marinara, ricotta, green chiles, italian hard salami, red onion, mushrooms, cheese, basil

One of my favorite things to do these days is make homemade pizza dough.  I get tired of crappy pizza chain dough (except you papa john, you still delicious!) and i’ll be honest, I also like to get creative with toppings and sauces as well, which is another reason making my own pizza is where its at.

Being from NY originally (and now living in Nashville, TN), its also hard to find a good dough that tastes like it did growing up.  This dough recipe/video below, and the ones I make at home are a pretty good substitute for those amazing NY pizza shops

The key to a good homemade pizza in just a regular old oven is the PIZZA STONE (this is crucial).  I turn that sucker on to the highest temp (usually 500°) and let it get nice and HOT so that when I place the pizza on it, that bottom crust gets nice and crispy while it all cooks away.

as far as a recipe, I don’t have one written down nearby, however Laura Vitale has a YouTube video of a good pizza dough (site: Laura In The Kitchen pizza dough).  This is a great step by step process for anyone wanting to make pizzas at home, and saves me from having to list it all out haha.

Give it a shot!


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