ok so listen, i’m obviously not a master sushi chef… but I love sushi… like I could honestly eat it everyday for every meal and be perfectly ok with it.  I figured i’d make a post about it to show you that anyone can make sushi at home, and it be just as good as if you went to get it from a sushi restaurant.  I haven’t gotten too fancy with it just yet, since I haven’t really seeked out the crazy ingredients that the restaurants use, however I’ve been very happy with the taste/texture/ingredients that I do have to work with.  So, if you’re ever in the mood for sushi and don’t want to spend a bajillion dollars on a couple rolls, maybe consider trying to make it at home.  It takes a little practice, but its fun and you can play around with the ingredients.


Here’s a few things I picked up at my local supermarket the first time just to get familiar with making it:

  • Sushi rice
  • Rice vinegar
  • sugar
  • salt
  • shrimp
  • imitation crab
  • cucumber
  • asparagus
  • roasted seaweed sheets
  • cream cheese
  • Toasted sesame seeds
  • panko (I used these as the “tempura” crunch until I learned to to make it)

There are a few recipes online and some tutorial videos on YouTube showing how to make sushi rice, which I honestly used myself since I had no idea what I was doing going into it.  Those were great on figuring out how to flavor the rice the way you like it, and learning how to roll the sushi as well (oh, you’ll also need a bamboo mat and plastic wrap).

Here is a picture of my first time doing sushi at home (not too shabby!):

Crab & Shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber rolls w/ spicy mayo and Eel Sauce


I forgot to mention that I also made my own “Eel Sauce” and Spicy Mayo.  It’s pretty easy to do, and I love it drizzled over my rolls, or to dip them in instead of soy sauce.  You can also find some recipes/videos online on how to make those as well, or just pick them up from the store if you don’t feel like making them from scratch.

From there I tried out doing a few different rolls, adding avocado, and other ingredients to make it look nicer, and work on different presentations.


As you can see these are all pretty basic, but if you have some friends over they’ll love the fact you made sushi at home for them, and the more you do it, the more creative you can get.

So don’t be afraid, make you some sushi!

Panko crusted chicken w/ jalapeno slices, cream cheese, and a Honey Sriracha drizzle.  Topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce.
tempura shrimp rolls, deep fried tempura rolls

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