Chicken Fajita Burger w/ Almond Flour Bun

Last night my wife and I celebrated our birthdays (which are within two days from each other) at the house with a little cookout and campfire night with a few friends.  I’ve also been on this strict diet lately due to digestive issues i’ve been having for months, in an attempt to heal myself, and it definitely calls for getting a little more creative with the food you eat in order to not get so bored eating the same crap day after day.  So in short, I currently have to cut out any dairy, sugars, breads/gluten, vinegars, etc. (the list goes on…). It literally takes away most all foods a normal person eats, for a period of time until my system corrects itself.  So the other night I came up with the idea of creating a burger (because i’ve been craving one SO BAD lately), but instead of a normal burger, and with my dietary restrictions, I came up with the idea of doing a chicken burger.  Now,  I’ve already been making loafs of Cashew and Almond Breads for a little bit now, so I figured i’d just try to make it into “buns” instead.  So I took to my redneck ingenuity and made these “bun molds/rings” out of aluminum foil (so that the batter would take to a round shape, and be “bun” like when it was all done.  I used the recipe for‘s All-4-One Cashew Bread, with a few minor tweaks (exchanged out the vinegar w/ lime or lemon juice, and cut out the maple syrup, and used almonds instead of cashews) and it still turned out great, and I was able to make something that was “bread” like for my buns, that also fit my dietary restrictions. And since I didn’t measure anything out for the chicken (typical), here’s a bullet point list of what I did, so you can recreate these yourself:

Fajita Chicken Burger

  • Grind up 4 chicken breasts (or just use pre-ground chicken)
  • add spices: Cumin, Smoked Paprika, Chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper
  • mix chicken w/ the spices, and form into patties (I was able to make 6 patties)
  • place on sheet w/ parchment paper to help keep the chicken from sticking

From there you can go straight to the grill or pan to cook them.  I ended up freezing mine for a bit to help them set up and make them easier to work with since ground chicken can be a bit of a mess. I also cut up some bell peppers and onions to toss on the grill to go with the burgers, in order to get a good char, however, you could also just sautee them in a pan like you would normally do the fajita veggies, either way they come out delicious.  To add to the burger, I also did up some guacamole, which basically acted as my condiment, since I  couldn’t use any normal condiments.  If you can however, I would bet that sour cream and melted queso added to this would be incredible (and is making my mouth water just thinking about it).

All in all it was pretty easy to put together, and didnt take a bunch of crazy ingredients, and still tasted GREAT in the end, and satisfied my craving for some sort of burger.

Healthy food doesnt mean you have to give up on flavor, and just eat salads 24/7.  You just have to think of the foods you like, and create ways to make them into a different version, that works with what your restrictions are.  I would bet though, that even without having any of the restrictions, this burger would make any eater come back for another one.

Good Luck!


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