My name is Derek Shampine, and I am an Amateur Chef residing in Nashville, TN with my wife, and baby on the way.  I’ve worked in the Music Industry for the past 10+ years, so  though I’m not trained in the culinary field professionally, I have a love and appreciation for great food, and I’m constantly trying to get creative with new and delicious ideas that I can share with family and friends.  The Test Kitchen was created as a way to try out these new ideas, and creatively utilize items I just happen to have on hand, and seeing what I can come up with, with what’s left in my pantry and fridge. I’m also big on creating dishes “from scratch” in order to learn the “how-to” processes better myself, and to create food where I’ll know what’s going into it.  I like to make food that’s approachable, and will allow people from any culinary level to be able to recreate these dishes at home to enjoy for themselves. Follow along for more photos of food (usually from my iPhone haha), basic recipes, and possibly some videos (once I learn how to be my own videographer)

Note: the “about” section photos were taken by my good Photographer buddy Jason Myers, he’s one talented dude behind a lens.  Check out his work at www.jasonmyersphoto.com

Photo by: Jason Myers Photography